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24. Ackerley Television Group

16 stations/4.52% of U.S.

One thing is for certain, count Ackerley among the believers in Ananda, as the group has cleared the program in 10 markets. And according to Dave Reid, president of the Ackerley Television Group, he believes it will be "quite successful."

The group is considering acquiring even more daytime product, he says. "We're very intrigued with Caroline,
we're waiting to see if it's going to be a go or not," says the Ackerley president. While the company has not made any commitments, it also likes Iyanla
and Talk or Walk. He's also impressed with The Other Half.

Before it makes any decisions, however, the group is evaluating the performance of some of the court shows it carries. "Some are working and some are not," says Reid. " Judge Judy
continues to be a strong show and Judge Joe Brown
is a good show. We've had some success with People's Court. Judge Mills Lane
isn't doing so bad that we wouldn't consider renewing it perhaps. That is one of the shows we would certainly be evaluating."

Part of the problem with evaluating the shows is that Ackerley, similarly to other broadcasters is looking at the November ratings book with some suspicion. "The election was taking everybody's attention," he says.

Another daytime concern for Ackerley is Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. "We would love for it to work, but it doesn't appear that it's working."

The group does not have any pressing needs in access. However, Reid says Ackerley is considering some of the new product, such as New CardSharks. This fall, Ackerley launches Everybody Loves Raymond
and King of the Hill. Its current access offering includes Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Entertainment Tonight
and Extra, among others.

We do have some weekend needs, he says. "I thought there was a fresh and inventive crop of shows for the weekends, I suspect we'll be giving some clearance here and there. I liked Hot Ticket
and Colosseum."