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22. Emmis Communications

24 stations/6.02% of U.S.

Emmis' syndication shopping list varies this year from station to station. The group's traditional affiliates (ABC, CBS and NBC) need only an hour here and there. But the group's WB affiliate, WKCF Orlando, Fla., and Fox affiliates WVUE New Orleans and WFTX Fort Myers, Fla., have "quite a few holes," says Dave Ward, vice president of programming, Emmis Television.

In Orlando, the group is concentrating on daytime and late night, he says. Access is already set with sitcoms Sabrina, Fresh Prince, Friends
and Spin City, among others. And Just Shoot Me
and Everybody Loves Raymond
are cleared for the fall.

Looking to fine-tune its daytime lineup in Orlando, the group has acquired Crossing Over With John Edward. "We've always had a lot of luck with talk," says Ward. Because of that, the station carries Springer, Ricki Lake
and QueenLatifah. "We're looking for something that's a little bit off to match that Jerry Springer
flow," he adds. "That's always been the show that's performed." He says Emmis really wants to get some first-run product for daytime.

Among the improvements to WKCF slate-night lineup is the addition of a block of dating shows. Emmis has already acquired Elimidate
and is looking at Fifth Wheel
and Rendez-View. "We're really targeting 18- to 34-year-olds," says Ward.

In New Orleans, the emphasis in daytime has been on court shows. Ward says the station will likely keep Judge Mathias
and Curtis Court, but he's not sure what else will run in daytime. "It probably will be some combination of talk."

WFTX is seeking product for a 4 p.m. time slot. "We're looking for a strong alternative to a sitcom. It's the lead-in to their sitcom block," says Ward. The station also is making changes in daytime: "We have Ricki Lake, Montel, Maury, Matlock
and Jenny Jones. Some we'll keep, some of it we don't know yet. It's really up in the air."