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The 2011 Digital All-Stars

They are game-changers and innovators. Their efforts will mark a turning point and they are bringing their companies forward. The phrases we've used to describe the executives who are leading the digital charge in our industry toward greater performance, profit, negotiation, information and inclusion are highly appropriate. One other quality sets them apart in a world where every dollar counts: They have the imagination and gumption to move the needle forward -- in TV Everywhere, apps, mobile DTV, social media, deals and more.

Sean Bratches: ESPN's Digital Game-Changer

Sean Bratches, who is in charge of pumping old-school distribution and advertising revenue into ESPN, says he's always been a bit of a closet techie. More

Mike Hopkins: Web Revenue Wrangler

After years of struggling to find business models for the delivery of TV programming online, broadcasters will be taking a close look at Fox's recent decision to change the online availability of its new episodes. More

Trish Jones: Out of Sight Oversight

Trish Jones, Turner Broadcasting's chief emerging technologies officer, oversees everything from apps for Turner's cable networks to making sure that March Madness is available across as many platforms as possible to implementing Time Warner's TV Everywhere initiative. More

Eric Kessler: HBO Go Draws Raves, Even From Competitors

As networks and cable operators wrestle with delivering content to consumers who increasingly want to watch television on whichever device they choose, HBO copresident Eric Kessler thinks his network has the perfect example of TV Everywhere in HBO Go. More

Scott Koondel: Raiding the Library

CBS Corp. impressed Wall Street on Aug. 2, reporting second-quarter earnings in which its content licensing and distribution revenue grew 21% to $889 million. That growth is largely due to groundbreaking deals struck this year by Scott Koondel, CBS senior VP of corporate licensing and distribution and CBS Television Distribution's president of distribution, with a strong assist from his team. More

Pat LaPlatney: Digital Storm Hero

While a razor-sharp digital strategy is key for any TV station group, Raycom can make the case that it's even more vital for its stations, several of which are in markets that are prone to severe weather, such as the tornado that devastated Tuscaloosa, Ala., earlier this year. More

Piers Morgan: The King of All Twitter

For someone who didn't understand the point of Twitter less than a year ago, Piers Morgan has sure made a name for himself quickly on the social media platform. More

Ted Sarandos: The Year of Netflix

Naming Ted Sarandos and Netflix to the 2011 Digital All-Stars list was an easy decision given the company's success in revolutionizing the streaming video business, to the point where B&C put the company on our cover asking top execs if it was a friend or foe (the verdict is still out). More

Matt Strauss: TV Everywhere's Main Man

Two words sum up why Matt Strauss was an obvious choice for the 2011 B&C Digital All-Stars list: TV Everywhere. In recent years, Comcast has been arguably the most aggressive of all cable operators in rolling out TV Everywhere services to offer its subscribers more content on more devices. More