2010 Midterm Election Coverage

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BC/DC: Eggerton on Washington

Station to Station

BC Beat: Nets Reach to Web in Election Night Coverage

As the results of the midterm elections rolled in Tuesday evening, the
major news networks used their online outlets to expand their coverage
of the races and in some cases, fill in the gaps when they were
preempted for other programming. More.

Analysis: Socializing the Election

More election coverage migrates to social media  More.

Dems Retain Senate

Keeps Kerry, Rockefeller in committee positions More.

Nets Call House For Republicans

At a little after 9 p.m., the major news nets were
calling the House for Republicans, with CNN predicting a gain of at least 50
seats. More.

CNN: McMahon, Boucher Will Lose

CNN projects that former WWE CEO Linda McMahon will lose her bid for a
Senate seat, while Rick Boucher, (D-Va.) chairman of the House
Communications Subcommittee, will lose that seat to Republican Morgan


LOCAL ELECTIONS 2010: KMPH Daily Politix Show Wraps, NY Gov Hopeful Raps
For the first time since April, KMPH Fresno did not air its daily California Vote 2010 program today.

Across the country, hopeful for New York governor Jimmy McMillan has offered a rap to explain why he should be governor. More.

McMahon Trails in Poll

Behind by nearly 10%, according to Nov. 1 poll

Survey Says: Boucher Race a Toss-Up

Real Clear Politics is calling the race between current House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Rick Boucher (D-Va.) and Republican challenger Morgan Griffith a toss-up. More.

Sunlight to Shine on Money-Trail Winners
While others are wrapping up their coverage of the campaign trail Tuesday evening, the Sunlight Foundation will be keeping its eye on the money trail, or what the group calls the "shadow campaign" behind the election.More.

Midterms Dominate News Hole
The midterm elections dominated new coverage for the week of Oct. 25-31, according to the latest Project for Excellent in Journalism News Coverage Index, with a particular focus on Tea Party candidates and some internal drama in the Democratic party. More.

Election Coverage: What to Watch
It's Election Day! Check out a list of who will be leading the coverage of the midterm elections at the networks and when. More.

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2010: Columbus Voter Not Dead Yet
Reports of one Columbus voter's demise were a wee bit ‘early,' reports WBNS Columbus, as Robert Early Jr. was told he was, in fact, dead when he checked in with the Board of Elections last night. More.

BC/DC Blog: 'Ruly Mob' Takes Over Washington
"Ruly Mob," read one sign, which just about summed up the Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear on The Mall Saturday. More.

Decision 2010: How Do You Cover This Mess?