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The 2009 B&C Next Wave of Leaders

Rumors of the television industry's impending demise may be greatly exaggerated, but it's in need of some fresh inspiration. Battling an onslaught of technology and the diminishing attention span of viewers, companies that play in the space find themselves needing to innovate with a degree of urgency unimaginable in past years.

And to accomplish this Herculean task, it will take visionaries who can see around the corner and anticipate both opportunities and threats coming down the pike. Often that happens below the CEO level, where you'll find leaders-in-waiting who are already demonstrating the acumen to effect change and success.

Every year at this time, B&C honors a group of those stars who have already made an impact, but also show the track record and upside to propel their companies to greater things.

This year's Next Wave of Leaders is no exception. From network and studio execs to producers to tech gurus, B&C presents an all-star team that we hope will help the television industry fight through one of its most trying periods ever.

We invite you to read about this year's Next Wave below. You'll be hearing more from them in the years to come.

  • Jay Wallace
  • Cyndi McClellan
  • Thom Sherman
  • Vincent Cordero
  • Jon Diament
  • Jay McGraw
  • Jennifer Nicholson Salke
  • Craig Hunegs
  • Eric Berger
  • Bruce Devlin
  • Courteney Monroe
  • Michelle Wilson
  • Joe Earley