2008 CABLE SHOW: Pace Packs MPEG-4 Cable Set-Tops

New Orleans -- Pace Micro Technology is showing off a new family of MPEG-4 Advanced Video Compression set-top boxes for cable operators.

The set-tops also provide support MPEG-2, and include the ability to deliver video over IP using DOCSIS channel bonding and can tune to up to 1 Gigahertz. The boxes can run tru2way applications or a traditional native applications like those from Gemstar-TV Guide (now part of Macrovision).

The three boxes in the lineup are: Aspen, a dual-tuner, high-definition DVR CableCard host set-top; Apache, an HD CableCard host set-top; and Denali, a standard-definition CableCard host set-top.

The line “enables cable operators to effectively manage the transition from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 originated content delivery and prepares them for the increasing demand of high-bandwidth programming and services that are experiencing rapid growth today, including HD, SDV and VOD,” Pace Americas vice president of product development Bruce Gureck said in a statement.

The Pace MPEG-4 family will be available later this year.

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