2008 CABLE SHOW: ADB Debuts Tru2way-Certified Set-Top Box

NEW ORLEANS -- Advanced Digital Broadcast introduced a high-definition cable set-top box that has been certified for CableLabs' Tru2way specification for interactive applications.

ADB, based in Geneva, Switzerland, also announced that it has recruited Tim Schermerhorn as senior vice president and general manager for its Americas cable business unit. Schermerhorn has previously worked for Motorola, General Instrument and Cable & Wireless.

The company's ADB-4820C set-top, which can be mounted on the back of a TV set, is integrated with tru2way software from Vidiom Systems and Osmosys and includes support for DOCSIS.

In addition, ADB debuted the ADB-7822C, a device for software developers and cable operators to develop and test of Tru2way software applications.

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