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12 Names to Know in 2011

While we hope 2011 will be remembered as the year the economy finally turned around and the content delivery business exploded alongside it, there are still some big challenges ahead for the industry.

From two major sports leagues staring down the barrel of work stoppages, to U.S. companies needing to find and sustain international growth to offset other problem areas, to a first-run syndication business in need of a new hit, there is much work to be done.

And while the big-name CEO's will be the ones making most of the headlines and appearing at industry confabs trying to solve the world's problems, there are plenty of other influential voices that will have lots to say about how this year is remembered.

In the following articles, the editors of B&C pick a dozen people and organizations that may not be regulars in these pages yet, but are sure to have major influence before the ball drops next New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Some of these execs and companies you may know. Some you don't. But before 2011 is over, we're betting you'll know much more about them.

Kees Abrahams

President, International Production, Sony Pictures Television


Production Company

Kirk Black

Senior VP, Meredith Local Media Group

Matthew Hong

Senior VP/General Manager for Sports Operations, Turner Sports

Mike Hopkins

President, Affiliate Sales and Marketing, Fox

The Hub

Kids Cable Network

Megyn Kelly

Anchor, Fox News Channel

Jeremy Kyle

Talk Show Host

Aaron Meyerson

President of Programming and Development, CBS television Distribution

Jeff Pash

Executive VP of Labor/League Counsel, NFL

Michael Riley

President, ABC Family

Jordan Wertlieb

Executive VP, Hearst Television