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11-17-06: The AM News Report

The AM News Report

News Corp. Names Fox TV Veteran as New Digital Chief    (WSJ) News Corp. said it is replacing Ross Levinsohn, Fox's digital czar and the man who engineered the widely praised acquisition site of last year, with longtime Fox television executive Peter Levinsohn.

Clear Channel: Old Money Flocks to New Media (Business Week) Private equity firms buy the broadcaster --and publisher Reader's Digest -- betting there's still life in these venerable franchises.Schedule Shifts Lose Power  (WSJ) The strategy hasn't changed since the days of Lucy and Ethel: In prime-time, the big broadcast networks strive to create blocks of compatible programming that usher viewers from one show to the next.Neilsen Might Find Itself in Ratings Rivalry  (WSJ) Taylor Nelson Sofres The company, which owns ad-spending tracker TNS Media Intelligence, has begun striking deals with cable-TV and satellite-TV operators allowing it to track subscriber-viewing patterns.

Shiny, Happy People/Screens (NYT)