Twitter Shutting Down Set of TV Apps

Twitter took, naturally, to Twitter to announce that it will shut down its TV apps for three platforms – Roku, Android TV and Xbox – on May 24.

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Twitter didn’t elaborate on the reason in a tweet announcing the decision, but reports are that it’s shutting them down as it works on tweaks to ensure they are compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), when it takes effect May 25. For now, Twitter’s apps for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV will continue.


TechCrunch said other factors contributed to the decision, including a lack support a “standard regular supported video player” on Roku and Xbox and that Twitter’s been trying to move more of its base to first-party mobile apps and its desktop website.

Still, the decision to cut back support for a set of TV-connected platforms so it can focus on compliance with the new data privacy law in Europe also arrives as social networking giant continues to carve out content deals with dozens of content programmers, including NBCU, ESPN, Viacom and Hearst.