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Thinking of Cutting the Cord? Think Again

Cable companies are feeling the heat as streaming services sweep the industry. It’s predicted that by 2021, 81 million Americans—or 30 percent—won’t be using traditional paid TV. At first glance, cable and streaming services may appear to be enemies. In reality, the two can work together to build the ultimate home entertainment experience.

Broaden your options

If you’re a consumer looking for the best of both worlds, you may want to take note of cable companies who choose to work alongside your favorite streaming services, integrating the two into programming packages. Take Comcast, for example, which recently integrated Netflix into its bundled packages for customers who use Comcast XI. Since the move, the two companies have discovered that 50 percent of customers use Netflix via the bundled package. In doing this, Comcast adjusted to industry trends and offered a unique package that allowed customers to easily access a popular entertainment option they were already enjoying.

Get what’s important to your household

The ways in which we can consume entertainment have changed. But depending on who you are, you may have a few preferences. Pew Research recently shared that 61 percent of U.S. adults ages 18-29 use online streaming instead of regular television. At the other end of the spectrum, those 65+ still opt for cable over streaming at an 84 percent clip.

And age isn’t the only factor. The same study shows that women prefer cable over streaming (63 percent), while more men than women (31 percent v. 25 percent) are likely to claim streaming as their preferred choice. Different strokes for different folks. The point is: a cable company that can meet the needs of any demographic and can satisfy the entertainment desires of any household.

Gain access to a one-stop-shop

Want more? Look for a TV provider who has teamed up with a third-party warranty partner that can offer comprehensive protection for your entertainment delivery devices—your electronics. Long-term protection for items like your televisions and gaming systems can really beef up your already comprehensive entertainment package, giving you the streaming and cable services you want, while safeguarding the screens and machines you need to watch them.

Rather than completely cutting the cord, take a look at what unique packages your cable company offers to get the best of streaming, cable, and some added protection, too. It’s a great way to get more bang for your buck, and keep your household happy.