Samsung’s 5G Lineup Cleared for Takeoff

Samsung said its indoor 5G router has been awarded the FCC stamp, following earlier authorization of the vendor’s 5G access units and 5G-based home router.  

The latest approval give the green light to Verizon’s current 5G portfolio as it gears up to play a role in Verizon’s coming 5G-based fixed wireless services launches, starting with a rollout in Sacramento, Calif., in the second half of 2018.  

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Verizon is also working with Ericsson for a 5G-based rollout in select markets as the company looks to deploy residential 5G broadband services in as many as five markets later this year.  

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Samsung introduced its commercial 5G-based fixed wireless access platform earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, noting then that the equipment was already involved in several field trials in multiple markets. Verizon and Samsung have teamed on 5G trials in parts of California, Georgia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, and Washington, D.C. 

Speaking on Verizon’s recent Q1 earnings call, Matthew Ellis, Verizon’s EVP and CFO, said Verizon had completed its pre-commercial trials, demonstrating propagation over 2,000 feet from the node using millimeter wave spectrum.