YouTube Leads All OTT Platforms, Including Netflix, in Monthly Average Viewers (Ridiculous Chart of the Day)

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Jim (as Dwight): "Question, which kind of bear is best?"

Dwight: "That's a ridiculous question."

Jim: "False! Black Bear."

Certainly, just like this classic scene featuring the always clever Jim Halpert and his top trolling target, Dwight Schrute, from The Office, the title "which OTT platform is best" is, well, debatable. But there are a heck of a lot more than "basically just two schools of thought" on the matter. And that's probably because there are dozens of research companies out there right now trying to make their dimes with fresh analytical takes on the video streaming business. 

Color us blurry-eyed ... and maybe a bit too cynical at this late-Thursday hour. But is it not ridiculous to compare YouTube and Netflix based on the number of users who access the platform at least once a month? Maybe there's a business case, beyond eMarketer's own bottom line, we're not seeing with this. Heck, we're still in AAA trade journalism, after all. 

Here is eMarketer's comparative analysis.

(Image credit: eMarketer)
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