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WarnerMedia Kicking Tires on HBO Max Ads

(Image credit: WarnerMedia)

WarnerMedia last week sent out surveys to HBO Max customers, seeking feedback on the possibility of integrating a limited number of ads into select programming.

The surveys, which were first reported by Variety, polled consumers about the possibility of adding two to four minutes of commercials per hour to content including older movie titles as well as HBO Max originals. 

The ads would not be included in programming carrying the HBO premium cable brand, which is contractually bound not to include commercials.

WarnerMedia, which is not publicly commenting on the possible initiative, reportedly told customers that the addition of commercials could reduce the monthly rate they pay for the HBO Max service, which currently runs $14.99 a month

HBO Max ads “would mostly be standard video commercials (like you would see on streaming services like Hulu) before, during and/or after shows and movies,” the survey reads, adding that the initiative would include “some more innovative, interactive, and/or less disruptive types of ads.” 

Commercials will not appear, the survey added,  “in around half of the movies on HBO Max, including the most recent/popular movies.”