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Volvo Drives Targeted Ad Campaign Across Dish, Sling TV

Dish Media Sales said Volvo Cars was the first partner to deliver a campaign via a new addressable, cross-platform system that enables advertisers to buy on Dish and Sling TV with a single buy.

Dish Media Sales said the campaign, executed through global media agency Mindshare NA (GroupM is its parent company) and the use of anonymized data, enabled Volvo to reach four segments of luxury car enthusiasts across both Dish’s satellite TV platform and Sling TV’s OTT-delivered service.

The nine-week campaign used four ad creatives that aimed to capture share in the luxury car category while also influencing consumers who were looking to upgrade to a fancier ride.

“As the definition of TV changes, we’re focused on smarter targeting that drives Volvo Cars’ message directly to our audience anywhere on any device,” Kevin Corcoran, marketing communications manager for Volvo Cars, said in a statement. “Uniting Dish and Sling TV’s unique audiences allows us to zero in on our 'in-market' customer regardless of network, device and even platform.”

Added Brian Norris, vice president of Dish Media Sales: "We’ve joined two distinct TV footprints and consolidated the buying, targeting and measurement process for advertisers looking to capture that premium TV viewer anytime, anywhere. Today, consumers watch live TV wherever they are, whether it’s from their living room couch or their morning commute.”