Video Call Center to Partner With MLB

Long-time cable financial analyst Tom Wolzien’s Video Call Center, a technology that enables programmers to manage live video call-in shows with viewers via their smartphones, laptops and tablets, has struck a partnership with Major League Baseball, integrating its cloud technology and computer systems within MLB Network’s headquarters in Secaucus, N.J.

“As one of the world’s great sports brands, MLB has an exceptionally active fan-base and engaged viewers, who want to interact one-on-one with their heroes,” VCC CEO Larry Thaler said in a statement. “The Video Call Center is very proud that its video calling platform has been chosen by MLB as the foundation for building next-generation engagement experiences for its fans.”

The technology will address several production requirements for MLB, according to VCC, including: 

  • Expanding the number of fans that can participate with the flexibility to enable callers from anywhere in the world to connect from smartphones, laptops and tablets using a variety of native IP video calling apps including Apple FaceTime and Google’s Web-RTC format (via Gruveo), which require no downloads for callers, as well as Skype; 
  • Dramatically improving call quality using patented technology from the VCC that delivers proven call reliability in excess of 99%;
  • Meeting MLB’s highest quality production requirements with the VCC’s caller acquisition technology, including proprietary audio processing that cleanly interfaces with MLB’s existing control rooms; and
  • Providing support for multiple simultaneous callers.

In addition to technical support, VCC also is providing training services to MLB personnel.