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Viacom Digital Studios Int’l in Facebook Watch Deal

"More Love and More Lies" (Image credit: Viacom Digital Studios)

Viacom Digital Studios International has made a deal with Facebook to produce short-form content for Facebook Watch that will be seen in the Americas, Asia, France, Germany, Spain and the U.K.

The content in the American and Asia is being created as part of Facebook Watch’s latest programming that pairs publishers with local public figures. In the U.K., videos will be created by VDSI in partnership with MTV UK. 

“We are committed to reaching every audience, everywhere,” said Brendan Yam, senior VP of Viacom Digital Studios International. “By partnering with Facebook, we are harnessing the power of our globally recognized brands and IP and leveraging local talent and production capabilities to drive engagement with digital-first audiences around the globe.”

Here are some of the shows VDSI is making for Facebook Watch.

In the U.K., shows include:

⦁ More Love and More Lies: the winning couple who lied their way to the finish line in series one of True Love or True Lies? reflect on their path to victory and take a look at what’s to come in series two.

⦁ Geordie More and Geordie OGs: In these two series, cast members will be joined by special guests, plus friends and family, as they review the most recent episode of both series.

⦁ JTOU: What Was I Inking? (working title): This series will follow couples who have appeared on Just Tattoo of Us to find out what happened when they showed their controversial inking to parents, co-workers/friends and loved ones.

In Brazil shows include:

⦁ Useless Life-Hacks: The series will mock life hacks that bring solutions to problems we never knew existed in the first place.

⦁ Na Quebrada: A game show inspired format that approaches the “Brazilian ghetto universe,” hosted by comedian Thiago Ventura.

In Asia shows include:

⦁ 5 in 5: MTV lines up some of the most interesting, popular celebs out there and gets them to do things they have always wanted to (or never wanted to!). Through this snappy, studio-based format, fans get to see a side to their faves that they never knew they needed to!

⦁ The Ride: The Ride gives Asia’s A-list performers a direct link to fans to tell their story like no one’s ever heard before.

⦁ Positive Inking: This series features young people who have experienced meaningful things in their lives – overcoming obstacles, breaking down barriers, navigating tragedy or simply very memorable experiences — that have culminated in their desire to get inked to commemorate it.

⦁ Generation Change: An inspirational micro-doc series that crafts powerful stories around young, impassioned changemakers in Southeast Asia.