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Verizon Taps Samsung, Cisco for Multi-Vendor 5G Trials

Showcasing the potential for multi-vendor setups for 5G, Verizon is working with Samsung Electronics and Cisco Systems on a 5G field trial in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The trial rollout there follows Verizon’s announcement earlier this year that it would test speedy, 5G-based fixed wireless services in a total of 11 markets by mid-year. Those tests aim to help Verizon test out a range of variables and parameters spanning vendors, geographies, population densities and demographics.

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The Ann Arbor trial is the first to try out a multi-vendor deployment of 5G-based products. That one is pairing a 5G virtualized packet core that’s part of the Cisco Ultra Services Platform with Cisco Advanced Services and Samsung’s virtual RAN solutions (vRAN) and 5G radio base stations and 5G home routers.

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“We are excited about the rapid progression of 5G technology with our 5G Technology Forum partners,” Adam Koeppe, VP of network planning at Verizon, said in a statement.   “Interoperability, a key milestone towards 5G commercialization, allows for highly flexible network design to meet emerging 5G use cases.”

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