Turner Rides Amazon’s Cloud

Amazon Web Services said it has locked in a deal to be the “preferred” cloud provider for Turner, which will move “thousands” of virtual machines to AWS to create cloud-native apps for networks and partners such as TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, NCAA and the NBA.

Tied in, Turner will move “decades of content” to the cloud, including a 15-petabyte sized library or CNN archive videos.

Turner, which acquired iStreamPlanet in 2015, will also use AWS for services spanning compute, storage, networking, databases, developer tools, analytics and machine learning.

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Turner is also tapping into AWS’s cloud as it embarks on an IP and virtualization migration/strategy that will enable the programmer to be more agile and launch a mix of more personalized services.

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“We’re going through the largest technology transformation since Ted Turner started the company, and the advancements we’re making today are enabling us to reimagine what television can be for our viewers,” Jeremy Legg, Turner’s CTO, said in a statement. “We’re changing our broadcast technology stack to a fully digital, cloud environment built on AWS, which will enable us to adapt to new video delivery models, as well as provide our viewers with more personalized content and advertisements.”

Examples of other AWS partners include corporate cousin Amazon Video, AOL, BBC, C-SPAN, Discovery Communications, Hearst Corporation, Hulu, Lionsgate, Netflix, and PBS.

AWS this week introduced a new suite of media services for its streaming video partners.

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