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Tubi Users Aren’t Seeing Other AVODs, Fox Says

(Image credit: Tubi)

Are consumers brand-loyal in the competitive ad-supported VOD (AVOD) sector of the streaming business?

According to Fox, 68% of those who use its free-to-watch Tubi platform can’t be reached by advertisers on other AVOD services. Drilling further, Fox said 78% of Tubi users don’t use NBCUniversal’s Peacock; 71% don’t watch Roku Channel; and 56% don’t peruse ViacomCBS’ Pluto TV. 

“In fact, 80% of Tubi’s audience is unreachable on the top 25 cable TV networks,” added Fox, promoting Tubi’s virtues to advertisers in a lengthy pitch document masquerading as a research report on the broader video streaming business. 

Just how exclusive is the Tubi demo, according to Fox? The conglomerate said that 64% of its audience can’t even be reached anywhere else across the Fox Entertainment empire. 

However, Tubi users are watching other ad-free platforms, said Fox, which claims that 62% of Tubi users subscribe to Netflix.

Nearly half of Tubi’s 33 million monthly active users are under the age of 35, Fox added. (Fox announced the same MAU count back in September 

There were 2.5 billion hours of video streamed on Tubi in 2020, Fox added, a 58% increase over 2019.