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TiVo Signs Agreement with Cable Co-op NCTC for Newly Acquired MobiTV

MobiTV Connect streaming stick
(Image credit: MobiTV)

The National Cable TV Cooperative has reached an agreement with MobiTV’s new owner, TiVo, to keep using MobiTV Connect IPTV technology.

NCTC, which now touts a membership of “more than 700” smaller cable operators, signed a master agreement with Emeryville, Calif.-based MobiTV four years ago. The deal gave NCTC’s then 800+ members preferred terms for MobiTV technology that allowed them to convert from traditional QAM-based video to app-based IPTV systems. 

In March, however, MobiTV declared bankruptcy, listing $19 million in assets vs. $75 million in liabilities. 

The NCTC moved to bid on the broke technology company itself, but TiVo owner Xperi moved in with a $18.5 million high bid at auction. 

According to a joint statement released by TiVo and NCTC, the agreement covers TiVo’s implementation and management of MobiTV software-as-as-service, managed pay TV tech.

“MobiTV’s assets provide the opportunity to expand and enhance our IPTV solutions for existing TiVo customers as well as continuing to service newly-acquired MobiTV customers,” said Jeffrey Glahn, Xperi senior VP of global sales, in a statement. “This agreement allows a seamless transition for existing MobiTV customers to enjoy the offerings at TiVo and enables NCTC to provide continued value to its members in a time of industry transition.”

Added said Rich Fickle, the NCTC’s former CEO & President: “TiVo’s brand reputation, financial stability, and track record in the industry provides NCTC members a strong option. Over the last three months NCTC worked on a priority basis to help ensure that the MobiTV service continued in the hands of a viable, focused provider such as TiVo.“