This Technology’s ‘Congruity’ Keeps Ad Insertion In Check

This Technology, a provider of dynamic ad insertion and alternate content software, has launched the Congruity Intelligent Signal Processor, a system designed to manage SCTE-35 cues for all delivery platforms.

The new, cloud-based software product normalizes the wide variances of SCTE-35 messages MVPDs receive from programmers, the company said.

 SCTE-35 is a standard to signal an ad insertion opportunity in a transport stream, but variances in usage of SCTE-35 messages has exceeded the standard due to usage for advertising, regionalization and measurement across both adaptive bit rate and digital TV, for video on demand, cloud-based DVR and linear viewing, This Technology said.

That means every programmer uses SCTE-35 differently, requiring MVPDs to standardize the messages for their internal infrastructure.

"As programmers enable the next generation of television, consistent practice for SCTE-35 formatting is lacking, which challenges MVPDs who have to adjust for this disparity," said Denise MacDonell, vice president of product management and marketing for This Technology, in a statement.

Features of Congruity include signal processing, Web-based configuration and provisioning, and data storage.

This Technology’s announced customers include Comcast, Verizon Communications, NBCUniversal, and ABC. In February, Canoe, the advanced advertising J.V. backed by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Bright House Networks, certified This Technology’s metadata asset management platform.