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Tablo Adds Apps for Amazon Fire, Android TV

Nuvyyo, the Ottawa, Can.-based maker of the over-the-air digital video recorder Tablo, said it has added two new apps to its product for the Amazon Fire and Android TV streaming set-top boxes (such as the Asus Nexus Player).

Tablo’s new apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV provide two additional streaming media player options for Tablo customers to watch live and recorded Over-the-Air content on their televisions. The new apps will also include access to Tablo’s settings screen and ‘Tablo Connect’ feature, which once paired with Tablo on its home network, allows the player to access Tablo, live TV and recordings anywhere there is an Internet connection.

In addition, a live preview of Tablo’s new Roku interface is available for download as a private channel, custom-designed to have the same Netflix-style look and feel as Tablo’s mobile and web apps, including an all-new live TV grid guide. During the first stage of the live preview, users will be able to:

  • Browse and set recordings coming in the next 24 hours via the Live TV grid guide
  • Watch live TV (including pause & rewind)
  • Browse and watch recordings (including pause, rewind and fast forward)
  • Delete recordings

Over the coming months the following features will be added:

  • Browse and set recordings for upcoming TV, Movies and Sports occurring in the next 14 days
  • View scheduled recordings
  • Search

When the updated Roku app reaches feature parity with the existing app, the current public channel will be retired in favor of the new interface.

“Over the last year we’ve built a solid base of Tablo apps for mobile devices and PCs so we felt 2015 was the time to expand our focus to the big screen experience,” said Nuvyyo CEO Grant Hall in a statement. “As cord cutting accelerates and consumers turn to OTA TV, these new apps will bring the same beautiful Tablo user interface to living rooms across North America.”

Links to all Tablo apps are available at