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SVOD Distribution Via Mobile Operators Set to Expand

(Image credit: Quibi)

With wireless operators like Verizon and T-Mobile offering SVOD promotions as enticements to their mobile services, streaming subscriptions initiated via smart phones are set to double to 170 million globally between 2019 - 2025, Digital TV Research said.

The figure accounts for 138 countries, according to UK research company. And it represents “gross”—in this high-churn area of product distribution, the “net” increase between 2019-2025 will only 34 million users, with the base of SVOD subscribers through mobile reaching 93 million.  

The average smart phone SVOD customer will pay for 1.83 gross SVOD subscriptions by 2025, up from 1.45 in 2019, Digital TV Research said. 

(Image credit: Digital TV Research)