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Sinclair Grants Another One-Week Extension in Dish Carriage Talks

A Dish technician standing outside a company van.
(Image credit: Dish)

Sinclair Broadcast Group granted Dish Network yet another extension in carriage negotiations for its TV stations and regional sports networks, pushing back the deadline to Oct. 28, a source familiar with both companies said Thursday.

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This is the fifth extension Sinclair has granted in the talks to renew its retransmission consent deal with Dish, which was originally scheduled to expire in mid-August. When a deal was not reached by that deadline, Sinclair, which also is negotiating carriage of its RSNs with Dish, extended the talks until mid-September, and again pushed them out to mid-October when the stalemate continued. On Oct. 15, Sinclair again extended the deadline to Oct. 21. According to sources, Sinclair has also had to divert its attention to a ransomware attack that has disrupted several of its stations, which may have caused delays in talks.

At risk are about 108 television stations owned and/or operated by Sinclair, the Tennis Channel and 16 regional sports networks owned by the broadcaster. Dish hasn’t carried the RSNs for at least two years -- it dropped them in 2019 when they were owned by Fox Sports. Sinclair has said getting those RSNs back on Dish could mean as much as $400 million in additional revenue.