SCTE/ISBE, Millicom Do a Deal

SCTE/ISBE has struck a partnership with Millicom that includes a commitment to provide advanced training, at scale, for the operator’s cable workforce in Latin America.

Under the agreement, SCTE/ISBE will provide 700 of Millicom’s employees and business partners with access to Spanish-language training in on-premises installation, cable distribution, and wireless technologies.

Millicom is also the first operator in the region to secure an enterprise license for SCTE/ISBE training, with access to the organization’s Corporate Alliance Partner (CAP) program, which was launched in 2014.

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Millicom operates under the brand Tigo in Latin America.

“As we continue to expand our cable footprint through high-speed broadband technology, having access to SCTE•ISBE training will sharpen the skills of our engineering professionals in response to all aspects of our Tigo operations, from legacy technologies to newer advances in mobility and cybersecurity,” Xavier Rocoplan, EVP and chief technology and information officer at Millicom, said in a statement.