You Can Still Register and Watch Our First Free 'Next TV Power Hour' Virtual Discussion: 'TiVo on The Gateway to The Connected Home'

Xperi Corp. executive Geir Skaaden
(Image credit: Xperi Corp.)

Across Europe, North America and other regions, technology and consumer electronics companies are locked in high-stakes competition for control of the smart TV operating system market. And for good reason. Control of the TVOS establishes a "gateway" to the connected home, enabling monetization across advertising, data, subscriptions and other lucrative revenue streams.

A recent entry to the market, TiVo is looking to establish a customizable solution that enables smart TV manufacturers more control of their branding and monetization vs. incumbent third-party OS solutions.

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Please join Geir Skaaden, executive VP and chief products and services officer for TiVo parent company Xperi Corp., as he discusses the current state of the global gateway OS market with Next TV Managing Editor Daniel Frankel. "The Next TV Power Hour: TiVo on the Gateway to the Connected Home" is a free live virtual discussion produced by Next TV and Xperi Corp.

Daniel Frankel

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