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NCTC Unveils New Logo

The National Cable Television Cooperative, the buying group representing more than 950 mostly small- and medium-sized operators across the country, unveiled a new logo at its annual members meeting in Kansas City Monday.

According to a statement from the NCTC, the red, white and blue logo encompasses the monogram  “with a circle of cooperation leading to a representation of a consumer broadband connection.”

“The new brand and logo better demonstrate NCTC’s commitment to bridge relationships and the economics of a collective group responsible for delivering on the promise to connect consumers with the world of digital entertainment and information”, said NCTC president and CEO Rich Fickle in a statement.

The new brand will be integrated into all elements of NCTC’s operational and promotional structures and processes over the remainder of 2014.

NCTC, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, was formed in 1984 as a way for small operators to jointly buy programming and equipment. Many of its members from around the country are in Kansas City for The Independent Show between July 27 and July 30.