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Mohu Takes Guesswork Out of Cord-Cutting

Digital antenna maker Mohu has launched Untangle.TV, an online application it says will show consumers how to cut the pay TV cord and perhaps sell a few products in the meantime.

Available for free at, the tool analyzes cord cutters’ viewing behaviors to recommend a mix of over-the-top and over-the-air devices and services needed to watch TV they want to watch at a price they can control.

Mohu estimates that 54% of consumers have considered cutting the pay TV cord. The Untangle.TV tool helps make that decision easier, the company said, pairing various OTT services like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, SVOD services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, with the appropriate Mohu antenna to capture over-the air services.

“Cord cutting should be easy, and our mission has always focused on giving consumers choice, simplicity and the best entertainment experience possible,” said Mohu founder and CEO Mark Buff in a statement. “However, in the current cord cutting landscape, we know consumers have dozens of products and services to choose from, which can be overwhelming to evaluate all options available. To alleviate the burden of choice and simplify the cord cutting selection process, we created Untangle.TV to be the ultimate cord cutting shopping wizard. The tool objectively guides and supports consumers throughout their cord cutting journey.”

In order to determine customer preferences, Untangle TV asks users a series of questions, including, how tech savvy they are, what TV shos they watch, and how much they currently spend on pay-TV. Once the user answers those questions, Untangle.TV provides a list of products that a user should purchase by analyzing performance capabilities and costs of Mohu OTA antennas and major OTT devices, services and applications.

“Untangle.TV is the most complete application available to help consumers navigate their cord cutting journey, and we hope this tool takes the complexity out of making informed television decisions,” Buff said in the statement. “We want to continue supporting the cord cutting movement and believe Untangle.TV will help alleviate many consumers’ questions about choosing the right products to help them cut the cord on cable and satellite TV.”