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MediaMath’s Source Adds Linkage to Device Users

Source, the new programmatic platform from MediaMath, said it will use LiveRamp’s IdentityLink to provide advertisers with targeting and measurement data.

The integration will enhance MediaMath’s ability to link devices to users in an anonymous, privacy-compliant manner, and will deepen a marketer’s ability to deliver relevant ads and an improved user experience due to higher match rates.

“Our clients and partners want full addressability including the best ID resolution that prioritizes privacy across all screens,” said Jeremy Steinberg, global head of ecosystem, MediaMath. “We’re taking an open approach to providing the best identity solutions available in market today. We’re excited to partner with LiveRamp and continue development of capabilities that require consistent identity across platforms.”

The deal improves several components of addressability, including:

  • Elimination of Data Loss During Delivery
  • Increased Recognition
  • Access to “Cookieless” Inventory
  • Neutral and Transparent Measurement