Lotame Targets the Smart TV

Lotame, the company behind a cross-device data platform, has added a new wrinkle to the mix with the addition of Smart TV Audiences, a system that will help brands and agencies expand their reach and view  across a greater number of digital devices.

The solution, Lotame said, collects television viewership data, including data specific to programs, genres, times of the day and networks, that are flowing from millions of smart TVs in the U.S. Using a proprietary “device matching technology,” Lotame then connects smart TVs to mobile devices, desktops and laptops, enabling advertisers to reach TV audiences across multiple screens.

Lotame said these TV viewership audiences will be available for purchase via several DSPs and platforms, including Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager, The Trade Desk, Tremor Video, Turn, Videology and Yahoo’s Brightroll.

“We are witnessing TV’s golden age. The record adoption rate of connected Smart TVs, combined with Nielsen’s latest announcement that 50% of all US households now subscribe to video on demand, shows that the final barrier between TV and digital is breaking,” said Andy Monfried, founder & CEO of Lotame, in a statement. “Marketers can leverage this TV viewership data to reach audiences more effectively by delivering consistent messaging across all screens.”

“Lotame’s TV segments give us an ability to scale TV audience segments beyond TV, into connected TV, mobile, desktop, or various iterations of VOD," added Randy Cooke, VP Programmatic TV at SpotX. "We're excited to offer them to our clients looking for actionable cross-screen insights.”