Live Streaming Gets Livelier

Internet-delivered video-on-demand services continue to rake in subscribers by the millions, but a significant majority of consumers worldwide have engaged in live video streaming, new research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found.

Per the study — Live Video Streaming: A Global Perspective — some 67% of consumers said they have live-streamed video content, and a smaller majority (52%) said they prefer ad-supported live streaming over subscription or a la carte services.

The IAB-commissioned survey was designed and fielded by OnDevice Research in 21 markets worldwide from late April to early May. The sample size totaled about 4,200 adults, or roughly 200 people per market. All participants owned or had access to either a feature phone, a PC/laptop, smartphone, tablet, gaming console, smart TV or streaming device.

From a broader perspective, 70% said they stream video content at least once per day, and almost half (47%) said their interest in live streaming has increased since last year. About 65% of those surveyed said they plan to livestream matches from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The smartphone is the most popular device to stream live video (62%), followed by smart TVs. However, smartphones and tablets were more often used for short bursts of live streaming (30 minutes or less) compared to smart TVs and TV-connected devices.

Among regions studied, consumers in North America (the United States, Canada and Mexico) live-streamed a bit below the global average, at 65%, while consumers in South American countries covered in the study (Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru) turned in the highest live-stream average, at 80%.

Social platforms (51%) was the top source for live streaming, followed by digital streaming subscriptions (41%).