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Hulu Ups vMPVD Price by $10

(Image credit: Hulu)

As expected, Hulu has increased the monthly pricing of its virtual pay TV service, upping the cost of the base package by $10 to $64.99 a month, effective Dec. 18.

The 18% price bump puts Hulu Plus Live TV on par with the second biggest virtual MVPD, YouTube TV, which is also priced at $64.99. 

The premium version of Hulu Plus Live TV, which includes no commercials in the SVOD component of the service, is now priced at $70.99. Hulu Plus Live TV combines the long-standing Hulu subscription video-on-demand service with a live-streamed virtual pay TV offering that touts over 65 channels. 

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As mentioned, the price increase wasn’t unexpected. Hulu bumped its vMVPD price up during the same week last year … and the year before that. 

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Subscriber momentum is hot right now, with the live TV service adding around 700,000 customers in the third quarter and currently touting an industry-leading 4.1 million, according to figures released by controlling parent Disney last week. 

Below is a graphic showing how the top vMVPDs rank. Note that Hulu Plus Live TV is still listed in the graphic at its old price. 

vMVPD rankings

(Image credit: Future)