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Hulu’s Live TV Service Tunes in Web Browsers

Expanding to another screen ahead of the fall TV season, Hulu said its new live TV service, currently in beta, is now supported on web browsers.

Hulu is still finalizing its new experience for web browsers, but it’s “opening up a basic version” for live TV subs for now, Ben Smith, head of experience at Hulu, announced (opens in new tab).

Playback on web browsers is available without a plugin or extension on Chrome, Safari, Firefox Microsoft’s Edge browser, and Internet Explorer 11.

“This is a very early version of the new Hulu experience on the Web and we expect it to evolve significantly over the next few months,” he added. “From point, click, and keyboard interactions, to responsive pages to fit all screen sizes; we are carefully considering all of the things that make building a web experience unique from living room and mobile devices.”

Earlier this week, Hulu launched its new interface/experience and extended support for its live TV service for Xbox 360 consoles, broadening its reach on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices, Xbox One consoles, iOS and Android mobile devices, and the Google Chromecast streaming adapter.