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Hey Look, Broadcast TV Usage Still Spikes a Little in the Fall

Zyra Gorecki (l.) and Natalie Zea in NBC's 'La Brea.'
(Image credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)

Nielsen proved it could still manage to turn a few industry heads back in July, when it released the first in a series of monthly pie charts called “The Gauge,” which broke down the U.S. viewing share of each video distribution medium for the month of June. 

We embedded that June Nielsen graphic, and each month's "Gauge" since then, below. And you can see that very little has changed month to month. Streaming remains at about 28% of overall viewing, with Netflix locked in at 7% of overall U.S. viewing share. 

The biggest change from June to October?  Broadcast viewing, which is supposedly in terminal decline, spiked from 23% to 28% of overall share, perhaps driven by fall hits like NBC freshman pothole drama La Brea

October 2021 (Image credit: Nielsen)

September 2021 (Image credit: Nielsen)

August 2021 (Image credit: Nielsen)

July 2021 (Image credit: Nielsen)

June 2021 (Image credit: Nielsen)