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Fun Chart of the Day: YouTube Surpasses Netflix in Revenue

YouTube is now the biggest streaming video company in the world, at least in terms of quarterly revenue. 

The Google platform generated $6.9 billion in ad revenue in the fourth quarter, which surpassed subscription service Netflix’s $6.64 billion. 

Is this the first time YouTube has surpassed Netflix in quarterly sales? That’s difficult to say, since Google only started breaking out YouTube quarterly performance last year, and we only have quarterly revenue figures dating back to the fourth quarter of 2019.

Suffice it to say it’s the first time in the last five quarters that YouTube has made more ad revenue than Netflix generated subscription dollars. 

Why does this matter? It probably doesn’t. It’s just fun to consider. Shout out to Erick Mokaya (@ekmokaya), who publishes a running tally of this data-driven dialectal on Twitter.

Netflix vs. YouTube in quarterly revenue.

(Image credit: Future)