CTHRA Seeks Participants for Human Capital Metrics Survey

Human capital is a significant investment for cable and telecommunications employers, with salaries and bonuses accounting for 12%-15% of their revenue and the benefits cost per employee averaging $13,000 to $19,000. To be competitive, companies must fully leverage their human capital while effectively managing costs. To succeed, it’s critical for employers to have industry-specific benchmarks that they can utilize to analyze their performance and make strategic decisions that will help attain business objectives.

To help obtain that data, MSOs and programmers can assist the Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association’s (CTHRA) Human Capital Metrics Survey, conducted by Pearl Meyer & Partners (PM&P) for timely and relevant data and analytics. Enrollment for participation in the 2014 survey opens today and the deadline to register to participate is March 21.

“CTHRA is on the forefront of collecting and providing useful and meaningful benchmarking information and insights allowing organizations to both better understand their current situation and determine where their energies might best be focused as they grow and evolve,” Rebecca Toman, CBP, CCP, GRP, survey project manager at PM&P, said in a release.

The scope of CTHRA’s 2014 survey will collect data in five key areas: workforce productivity, cost management, employee engagement, diversity and human resources (HR) department productivity. Each participant will receive a confidential analysis of the findings detailing performance against industry peers, identifying strengths and highlighting opportunities. The participant report also spotlights emerging trends. Results are directly connected to distinct business models and economics of the two sides of the industry: programmers (cable and broadcast networks) and multiple system operators (MSOs). Comprehensive survey results will be provided to participants in May.

For more information or to register to participate, please contact Christine Teed at 630.599.7103 or cteed@cthra.com.