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Comcast to Drop Local Stations in 38 Markets with Dual Access to Network Affiliates

Comcast Center in Philadelphia
(Image credit: Comcast)

Comcast said it will drop on Dec 22 Hearst-owned stations in 38 markets in which subscribers have access to two affiliates for the same network. 

The move, outlined in this memo sent by Comcast to subscribers earlier this month, mainly affects towns and suburbs that are in-between major designated marketing areas, receiving two signals for the same station. 

“It’s our goal to provide you with the shows and movies you love at a fair price,” Comcast said in the customer email. “We work with networks, local TV station owners, streaming companies and others to bring you a range of top programming. As part of this process, we often have to make decisions about what we’re able to offer. Today, you have access to two TV stations affiliated with the same national network, one from your local market, and another from a neighboring market.”

Here’s a list of the markets and channels being affected:


(Image credit: Comcast)