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Comcast NBCU Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Info Tool

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Comcast NBCU has launched a campaign and web tool to provide the latest info on how, when and where to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

It says on the new Web site, "will help users navigate the vaccine rollout process by state, letting them know if they are currently eligible to receive the vaccine, track distribution timelines, and find the closest vaccination location."

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It is modeled on the company's Plan Your Vote tool that helped viewers figure out where and how to vote during the pandemic-impacted 2020 election.

The primary news partners for the effort will be NBC News and Noticias Telemundo and the company said a research team is working with state governments to provide real-time, localized, information. 

The site will not only be available in English and Spanish, but Mandarin as well, and users can get notifications and alerts regarding changes in their local vaccination plans.

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Comcast NBCU said it will put a "robust" marketing and PSA campaign behind the rollout.