Cocomelon, WWE Are Top U.S. Media Creators on YouTube

Chart newcomer Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes jumps to the top of the table with an impressive 1.8 billion YouTube video views. This creator, formerly known as ABCkidTV, shares nursery rhymes and children’s songs over 3D animations and is one of the fastest-growing creators on YouTube. The kids’ theme continues on the chart with creators 5-Minute Crafts KIDS, Nick Jr. and Little Baby Bum in eighth, ninth and 10th places, respectively.

It’s worth pointing out that Cocomelon and WWE, which snags second place, together helped unseat longtime chart-topper MovieClips, which slips to No. 3. WWE’s 1.2 billion YouTube video views in August adds up to healthy a increase from July’s 987 million — but MovieClips is right on WWE’s heels with 1 billion views.