Cheddar TV Lands NCTC Carriage Deal

Cheddar has reached a carriage agreement with the National Cable Television Co-operative, bringing the self-proclaimed post-cable networks company’s content to more than 750 small and medium-sized cable operators with over eight million customers.

According to Cheddar, NCTC members with high-speed data customers will be able to add Cheddar access via its website and applications in the coming months.

Cheddar is a live business news network focusing on technology. NCTC members will have access to Cheddar’s linear network as well as video on demand.

“Cheddar is directly addressing several key needs our members have including a unique approach to news, flexible carriage, mobile device app enabled, the ability to offer via IP set top app and/or traditional linear channel with accompanying VOD access. We were able to work quickly with Cheddar and believe they will be a nimble partner for our members in the evolving world of new video business models,” said NCTC CEO Rich Fickle in a statement.

NCTC members will be able to launch Cheddar as a linear channel along with the optional VOD library. In addition, the content can be accessed via a Cheddar app on mobile devices and certain IP enabled set top boxes later this year.

For NCTC member operators that provide high-speed data, Cheddar is offering their subscribers access to the networks via authentication. Starting later this year, existing subscribers will be able to log on to Cheddar’s website and associated apps and enter their cable credentials to begin receiving content.

“This master agreement allows any NCTC cable system to turn Cheddar on for their subscribers,” said Cheddar VP business development Daniel Schneider in a statement. “We are thrilled to offer Cheddar to the entire NCTC footprint, enabling over 8 million TV and broadband subscribers to catch the latest news, headlines, and interviews with top business executives.”

Cheddar was founded in 2016 by former Buzzfeed president and chief operating officer Jon Steinberg. A self-proclaimed post-cable network, Cheddar has two channels -- tech business focused Cheddar TV and headline news channel Cheddar Big News. The networks are currently available on Sling TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, Snapchat, fuboTV, Philo, Amazon, Twitter, 60% of smart TVs in the U.S., and Facebook.

The NCTC deal comes on the heels of another Cheddar TV launch across about 400,000 homes in overbuilder WideOpenWest‘s footprint.

“WOW! consistently works to improve our products and services and provide the most sought-after technologies and programming to our customers,” WOW senior vice president video programming Roger Seiken said in a statement. “With the addition of Cheddar, our customers can now experience a new take on business news broadcast directly from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. The innovative and captivating delivery of news for a millennial audience is a perfect addition to WOW!’s TV channel lineup.”