Burrow Your Heads in Shame, Cincinnati! 52% of Bengals Fans Say They Use Pirate Streaming Apps to Watch Games

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow
A new study says more than half of the Cincinnati Bengals fanbase uses pirate platforms to stream games. (Image credit: Getty Images)

About half of NFL fans say they have used an illegal streaming site to watch an NFL game at least once, and 35% of fans say they regularly turn to pirate platforms to stream pro football. 

This is according to a new survey of 3,200 NFL fans commissioned by Oddspedia, a Macau-based online betting tool provider, with an assist from Richfield Research. 

Now, we must admit we're a little skeptical about some things in the report. For one, Oddspedia says that 39% of its survey respondents turn to legally paid streaming to watch NFL games, while linear cable, satellite TV and over-the-air TV accounted for only 26% of respondent's viewing sources combined. 

The rest -- 35% -- turned to online piracy. 

Makes us wonder if Oddspedia's survey cohort is full of young, online-centric degenerate gamblers? These studies should always have their footballs kicked before trade media types go out and write quippy stories about them. (Whoops.)

But with YouTube's NFL Sunday Ticket available, at its cheapest, for $300 a season, who knows.

In any event, some of the data is downright interesting -- like, 46% of fans root for a team located out of their market?


(Image credit: Oddspedia)

We particularly find this one ticklish -- nearly 52% of Cincinnati fans admit to regularly turning to piracy to stream quarterback Joe Burrow and the rest of the Bengals. 

Oddspedia survey

(Image credit: Oddspedia)
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