Bewkes Nets $31.5M in Total Compensation in 2015

Time Warner Inc. chairman and CEO Jeffrey Bewkes received $31.5 million in total compensation in 2015, a slight decline from the $32.9 million he netted in the prior year.

Bewkes’ base salary and stick wards were relatively flat for the year at $2 million and $7.9 million, respectively. The biggest decline was in non –equity incentive compensation, which at $13.4 million was $1.1 million below the $14.5 million he received in 2014.

While Bewkes’ compensation declined, other top executives saw their total hauls increase in 2015. Chief financial officer Howard Averill received $10.7 million in total comp in 2015, up 32%; executive vice president and general counsel Paul Cappuccio received $9.5 million (a 9.2% increase); executive vice president corporate marketing and communications Gary Ginsberg received $5.2 million (a 21% increase) and executive vice president international & corporate strategy Olaf Olafsson received $5.3 million (a 23% increase).