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Average Netflix User Has Subscribed to Service for More than 50 Months

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In the high-churn, start-or-cancel-right-away world of video streaming, customer loyalty isn’t something you read a lot about.

But it apparently exists!

According to Parks Associates, the average Netflix user has has their subscription for more than 50 months. The average Amazon Prime Video user, meanwhile, has kept their service for more than 40 months, and the average Hulu customer has had their subscription in place for nearly 30 months. 

To an extent, these rankings are based on how long the respective services have been around—Netflix has been streaming video for more than a decade, while Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus just got started last year. But there is something to be said about keeping customers who can quit at any time. 

“Viewer loyalties are shifting as subscriptions to traditional pay-TV services decline,” said Steve Nason, research director for Parks Associates. “The average Netflix subscriber has had the service for over 50 months, and while Amazon Prime Video and Hulu also have foundational status as must-have services, all other services have much shorter subscription histories. Newer services such as Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max and Peacock, plus an expanding CBS All Access , are all making a strong push to be part of the core OTT service stack for US households."

(Image credit: Parks Associates)