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ATSC 3.0 Pay TV Service Evoca TV Adds BYUtv and Outdoor Sportsman Group

(Image credit: Evoca TV)

Evoca TV, the Boise, Idaho startup seeking to deliver an affordable virtual pay TV service via ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology, has announced the addition of two new channels, BYUtv and Outdoor Sportsman Group.

The addition of these channels fleshes out the small-network offering for Evoca, which already delivers the Big Four broadcast networks. 

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Evoca, which plans to expand beyond the Boise market later this year, is offering a skinny bundle of channels for $50 a month to rural areas with poor and/or expensive broadband. 

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“For the more than 50 million households in small and mid-sized markets like Boise--where bandwidth and options are limited and cable is expensive--Evoca is a new paradigm for TV delivery that addresses their unique needs with both quality and variety,” Evoca TV founder and CEO Todd Achilles said. “Our signal is never affected by internet traffic in the home, regardless of how many video games, movies, or video conferences may be streaming, and these channels will help us deliver on our promise for high quality programming that matters to the communities we serve.”