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AT&T Pay TV Losses ‘Slow’ to 627K in Q3

(Image credit: AT&T)

AT&T reported third-quarter customer losses of 627,000 across its four pay TV services, an improvement over the 1.35 million subscribers shed in Q3 of 2019.

Breaking down the losses, the telecom lost another 37,000 users from its virtual pay TV service, AT&T TV Now, which now has around 683,000 subscribers after peaking in the summer of 2018 at nearly 2 million.

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AT&T also shed 590,000 from the ranks of its “premium video” services, which includes satellite TV operation DirecTV, U-verse (which AT&T has stopped marketing altother) and recently launched IP-based service AT&T TV. 

AT&T did not break out the specific performance of DirecTV, which it’s trying to sell. It was believed that DirecTV had around 14.3 million remaining subscribers going into the third quarter.