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Arris Sells Supplies Division

Arris Group has agreed to sell its Supplies division to U.K.-based Technetix Group, which plans to merge the unit with its existing U.S. operations in Denver.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but Technetix said the deal, announced on July 22, will be “transformational” and enable it to expand its footprint in the Americas and offer customers a broader range of products and support services. Technetix said it supplies 1,800 customers in 70 countries. The sale of the Arris unit, formerly known as Telewire Supplies, is expected to close in the latter half of the third quarter of 2015, the companies said.

Arris Supplies sells and distributes products ranging from connectors, taps, amplifiers, filters, safety equipment, enclosures, and tools, complementing Technetix’s line of cables, headend active and passive modules, chassis, taps, nodes, in-home amplifiers and splitters.

Arris is exiting the Supplies sector as it attemps to acquire U.K.-based Pace Plc, a $2.1 billion deal that aims to help Arris add more scale to its set-top/consumer premises equipment business, and as it bulks up in other areas, such as IP- and cloud-based video. 

“We are delighted with this acquisition as Technetix and ARRIS Supplies are complementary businesses,” Technetix CEO Paul Broadhurst said, in a statement. “We are committed to working with ARRIS to ensure that the expectations of ARRIS Supplies’ customers are met throughout the acquisition process and beyond. We will continue to serve our customers, both new and existing, with innovative products and enhanced service.”

 “The ARRIS Supplies team delivers unique expertise and technology know-how that will help drive innovation for the Technetix product portfolio and better serve its customers,” added John Caezza, president of Arris Access Technologies. “Our leadership in the Americas will bolster Technetix’ local footprint, while serving as a platform for its global growth.”