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Amazon Prime Video Joins the ‘Watch Party’ Revolution

(Image credit: Amazon)

With COVID-19 quarantine restrictions now appearing more as a longer term way of life, Amazon Prime Video has become the last of the Big Three SVOD services to pull the trigger on a co-viewing app extension. 

The streaming service’s “Watch Party” feature lets a host connect up to 100 different friends, family members, co-workers and hangers on for synchronized viewing of TV shows and movies. 

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The host can pause, rewind and otherwise control the video. All members have access to social communications features including text and emojis. 

The feature is free to Amazon Prime Video users. “Thousands” of titles included in the Prime Video SVOD smorgasbord are available for co-viewing, meaning you can’t co-view a release from the rental/sale “transactional” side of the business. 

Netflix, Hulu and HBO are among the other SVOD platforms that have already integrated co-viewing features.