Altice USA Runs Regional Ad During Super Bowl LII

Altice USA unleashed an ad featuring international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo to highlight Altice One, the operator’s recently launched all-services hub.

The 30-second spot was run regionally in Altice USA’s Optimum footprint, which is made up of  cable systems that came way of Altice’s acquisition of Cablevision Systems in 2016.

Last year, Cox Communications also bought time regionally in San Diego during Super Bowl LI to promote one of its new offerings, Panoramic WiFi. Comcast took a similar approach in 2016, when it ran a spot showcasing X1 during Super Bowl 50 on CBS in dozens of the MSO’s local markets.

The operator launched Altice One in November, offering a device that supports Altice USA’s video, broadband and voice service, along with built-in WiFi, voice navigation, and the integration of select OTT apps. Last week, Altice USA completed an integration of Netflix on Altice One across its Optimum footprint.

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In the Super Bowl spot, marking first campaign from Altice USA and agency partner Y&R, follows Ronaldo as the “discovers” American-style football to the tune I've Never Seen Anything Like It. The Real Madrid star is outfitted with full pads and helmet, running and route on the gridiron and punctuated by his soccer skills as he heads the pigskin through the uprights.

Watch it below:

Altice USA also posted an additional up spot featuring Ronaldo -- Optimum: Futebol Vs. Football – that serves as an origin story on how the soccer star discovered this other form of football and found himself on the gridiron: