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ACA Members Receive Honors

The American Cable Association honored several members at The Independent Show in Orlando, Fla., Wednesday in recognition of their support of the organization as well as their commitment to providing high-quality video, voice and broadband service to consumers in rural and remote parts of the country.

"The individuals and companies that ACA is honoring with its most prestigious awards are exceptionally talented and dedicated, and I salute them all for the accolades that they so richly deserve," ACA President and CEO Matt Polka said in a statement.

ACA's top honors were presented as follows:

Lyn Simpson Grassroots Spirit Award: Chad Lawson, Network Technician, Murray Electric System 

Presented to a company or individual embodying the passion and commitment that Lyn brought to the small operator community in her role as an ACA founding member in the early 1990s. The award underscores the value of commitment, dedication, and sacrifice to the independent cable business.

ACA PAC Leadership/Company: GCI

This award recognizes GCI for greatly increasing PAC contribution totals and significantly increasing the number of ACA PAC donors in the past year.  

PAC Individual Award: Steve Weed, CEO Wave Broadband. 

The PAC Individual Award recognizes enthusiasm, dedication and support for the ACA PAC and for creating a culture of knowledge within the company regarding the ACA PAC's important role and purpose.

ACA Partnership Award: Scripps Network

This award is for partnership, commitment and support for ACA and independent cable businesses everywhere.

Eagle Award: Bill Beaty, EVP of Cable TV, Comporium.

Presented for making outstanding contributions to independent cable operators and providing critical leadership to help build support for new laws and regulations designed for smaller, full-service communications providers.

The Independent Show is co-hosted and jointly organized by ACA and the National Cable Television Cooperative.